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TCAP Family Portal Links

Posted Date: 11/04/2021

TCAP Family Portal Links

Each year, TCAP tests are designed to assess what our students know and what we can do to help them succeed in the future. They provide feedback about students' academic progress and how it aligns with grade-level expectations. Now families can find detailed, personalized, information about your student’s progress on the TCAP Family Portal.  

Families can register here with their student’s USID number. Portal access will expand as TCAP scores are released. Scores for students who tested in the first and second fall testing windows are now available!  

An outreach toolkit to inform families of this resource is now available! 
These are optional support resources created to help districts share the toolkit with their educators and parents. 

  • The Family Portal FAQ is available here.   
  • A sample newsletter blurb for districts and schools is available here
  • A sample email to families is available here.  
  • A sample email to counselors is available here.  
  • Districts may access the TCAP Family Portal Help Guide and the TCAP Educator Portal Help Guide on LiveBinders.  
  • Family Portal: Families of students who tested in Spring 2021 are now able to register to receive their student results by using their student’s USID. The following resources are available for your district and school teams to support communications with families:
  • Educator Portal: Educators who are new to the portal received log-in credential emails last Friday. For more information on operating this portal, including information included, please see the Educator Portal Help Guide. As a reminder, school and district-level data available may be shared internally to your district staff but is embargoed for public release until August 11th 2021.

CLICK HERE to login to Family Portal