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Mental Health and School Counseling

Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services: are provided to assess and improve the mental, emotional, and social health of every student. All students receive these services, including developmental classroom guidance activities and preventative educational programs, in an effort to enhance and promote academic, personal, and social growth. Students who may have special needs are served through the administration and interpretation of psychometric and psycho-educational tests, observational assessments, individual and group counseling sessions, crisis intervention for emergency mental health needs, family/home consultation, and/or referrals to outside community-based agencies when appropriate. The professional skills of counselors, psychologists, and social workers, along with school health nurses, are utilized to provide coordinated "wrap around" services that contribute to the mental, emotional, and social health of students, their families and the school environment. Qualified professionals such as school and community counselors, school and community psychologists, school health nurses, social workers, and qualified staff from community agencies provide these services. 

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